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Beautiful World

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Compose your own short piece with your take on TikTok. Like the essays above you have read, you might choose to do one or more of the following:. Choose one of your favorite TikTok videos or create your own and break it down. What happens in it? What makes it special, interesting or otherwise culturally significant?

What does it demonstrate about the platform as a whole? Dive deep into one aspect of TikTok — the music, the dance challenges, the theatricality, the memes. Do you find this element entertaining or obnoxious? Compare TikTok to other forms of social media. What makes it unique? Do you find it more entertaining than television, movies or other video platforms?

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Why or why not? Give an honest review. What do you think of TikTok? How does your point of view as a teenager influence your interpretation of it?

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Explain what you think TikTok as a whole says about our society, culture or the world today. Log In. Warm Up Do you use TikTok?

Then, discuss the following questions: What do you think the purpose of TikTok is? What techniques does the app use to engage users? Who do you think the target audience is?

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