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Dracula Who Is He – We Look Deeper

It is one of the most famous novels of modern times, mostly due to the amount of movie adaptations it has inspired. It has become cultural attachment. It is written in epistolary format, told through diary entries. The novel begins with the English solicitor Jonathan Harker traveling the picturesque south eastern European countryside at the behest of his employer to meet with a client, Dracula , who resides in an old, weathered and ruined castle, tucked deep in the Carpathian Mountains, on the border of Transylvania, Bukovina and Moldavia don't be confused with the Master Vampire.

Dracula, who wishes to purchase property in England insists that Harker remains with him in Transylvania for a short periode of time, as to educate Dracula in the ways of English society. Harker and Dracula would spend entire nights engaged in discussion or engrossed in English literature and periodicals or the maps of it's great cities.

Each time this happened though, just before the dawn, the Dracula would halt everything and excuse himself, to attend to other business, leaving Harker alone in the empty castle, sometimes for days. After weeks of enduring this peculiar behaviour and witnessing first-hand many impossible and baffling phenomena, Harker comes to realise he is not a welcomed guest in Dracula's home but His prisoner.

Worse yet, Harker discovers that his tormentor isnt quite the man he seems to be, but is a vampire: a dark creature of great evil who must feed upon the blood of the living. Miss Murray does not face these situations alone however, a small group of trusted and beloved friends lead by Dr. Abraham Van Helsing seek to destroy Dracula who has travelled to London, to end his reign of terror forever. The novel has been adapted many times through the years, from plays and films to comic books and video games.

Dracula has become the most famous horror character in history. At 6 o'clock on the morning of the 20th, when Van Helsing examines Lucy, he is shocked and calls for light.

The wounds on Lucy's throat have disappeared. He announces that she will soon be dead.

Unearthing the Lost Version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Arthur is awakened so that he can be with her at the end, and when he comes to her, she revives. As Arthur stoops to kiss her, Van Helsing notes that Lucy's teeth seem as though they are about to fasten onto Arthur's throat. He stops Arthur and tells him to simply hold Lucy's hand, for it will comfort her more. Seward again notices that Lucy's teeth look longer and sharper than before, and suddenly Lucy opens her eyes and says to Arthur "in a soft voluptuous voice" that Seward has never heard before "Arthur, Oh my love, I am so glad you have come!

Kiss me. Suddenly, Lucy is dead! And in death, Lucy seems to regain some of the beauty that she had in life. Seward remarks, "It is the end! It is only the beginning. We can do nothing as yet.

Dracula Who Is He – Bram Stoker

Wait and see. Chapter 13 begins with a continuation of Dr. Seward's diary, where we read that arrangements are made for Lucy and her mother to be buried at the same time. Meanwhile, Arthur must return to bury his father. Van Helsing, who is also a lawyer, looks through Lucy's papers and retrieves all those documents which he feels might give him a clue about her death.

That night, Seward is confused by Van Helsing's actions. Van Helsing once again takes a handful of wild garlic and places the garlic all around the room and around Lucy's coffin, and then he takes a small gold crucifix and places it over Lucy's mouth. Then he makes an astonishing request to Seward. Tomorrow, he wants Seward to help him cut off Lucy's head, take out her heart, and, as we later learn, stuff her mouth with garlic. They will have to do it after the coffin has been sealed so that Arthur and others will not see the mutilated body.

Seward is confused about the need for mutilating the poor girl's body, but Van Helsing tells him to be patient about an explanation; then he reminds him of that moment when Lucy was dying, when she reached up to kiss Arthur. At that moment Lucy gained consciousness enough to thank the good doctor for his actions. He reminds Seward that "there are strange and terrible days before us.

After a good sleep, Van Helsing awakens Seward with perplexing news — someone has stolen the crucifix from Lucy's mouth during the night. Now they must wait to see what happens.

He looks at Lucy's corpse and doubts that she is really dead. That night, Van Helsing asks Arthur if he can have Lucy's personal papers, assuring him that he will examine them only to determine the cause of Lucy's death. Arthur agrees with Van Helsing's request. Mina Harker records in her journal September 22nd that she and Jonathan are on the train to Exeter. They arrive soon in London and then take a bus to Hyde Park.

While strolling about, Mina is alarmed when Jonathan suddenly has another "nervous fit.

Jonathan is convinced that it is Count Dracula. That night, Mina receives a telegram from Van Helsing, who informs her that Mrs. Westenra and Lucy have died.

The chapter concludes with an excerpt from the Westminster Gazette September 25th , three days after the funeral. According to the article, the area surrounding Hampstead Hill, the area where Lucy was buried, has been terrorized by a mysterious woman whom the local children refer to as "the Bloofer Lady.

In Bram Stoker's "Dracula" who was the count's first victim?

These chapters include some of the more traditional treatments for handling or warding off the presence of vampires. Van Helsing, who is the only one knowledgeable about demonology and in particular about vampire lore, sends for garlic and hangs Lucy's entire room, especially the windows, with it; then he makes a wreath of garlic to drape around Lucy's neck, and he also places a crucifix around her neck. The garlic and the crucifix are two traditional agents that have become associated with the devices that can be used to ward off vampires.

In these chapters, it is clear that evil spirits can accomplish their aims in devious sorts of ways, as attested to by sixteenth-century legends concerning Faust.

For example, even though Lucy is locked in her room and protected from the vampire by the profusion of garlic, the evil spirit of the Un-Dead is able to summon a wolf from his cage in a zoo, have him smash in a window, and thereby enable the vampire to enter the room.