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As a cultural historian, nothing escapes her eye. Highly recommended. A brilliant read for all. Rotskoff shows that even as excessive drinking was defined as a disease, social drinking--'cocktail culture'--by both men and women became an integral part of the middle-class experience. Wide-ranging, engaging, and informative. Visit the author's website lorirotskoff.

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Follow the author on Twitter lorirotskoff. Permissions Information. Subsidiary Rights Information. Media Inquiries. Gender Studies. American Studies.

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Home Close. View Inside. Kno Inc. In this fascinating history of alcohol in postwar American culture, Lori Rotskoff draws on short stories, advertisements, medical writings, and Hollywood films to investigate how gender norms and ideologies of marriage intersected with scientific and popular ideas about drinking and alcoholism. Whether you're at home, or in the club, or driving around in your car, looking for drugs, you can count on these guys to soundtrack your day correctly. They are here to make you bump to a cosmic sound that is sexy and pristine, and yet, also feels exactly like two buffalo boys going round the outside, round the outside.

Double A-side alert. First up 'Head Shop Boys', a kicky, kinky, neon affair, perfect for late-night debauchery, on the flip, 'Haole' is a straight up trip with some serious old school New York flavour, and will undoubtedly prove to be the world's first crossover drive-time club banger. But word on the street is, he is super happy, to be slow, and to make records, and build ships, or whatever it is that he does, when he's not answering our emails.

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Rumour has it, that Henry is the man who built the Ostbahnhof - with his own bare hands. Before that he was making music. For twenty carefree, happy-go-lucky years.

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This is his first offering for Love On The Rocks. It's sublime, it's soft, and it wants you to fall in love, at night, back in the days, under the electric light of your favourite dancefloor, with two major jams on the A-side, and a consciousness-altering, life-changing, dance floor destroying, minute disco trip on the other. Music to microdose to. Where some wild-eyed, eight-foot-tall maniac grabs your neck, taps the back of your favourite head up against the barroom wall, looks you crooked in the eye and asks you if you paid your dues.

Where you can't even get to the chopper, because Kurt Russell is in the cockpit with a head full of acid, wearing a hat made of drum machines. Should we check it out Or just check into a psycho ward Whichever comes first, huh It's a kinda future that leaves you asking yourself, if I am not me, then who the hell am I Am I Prins Thomas What is a Diskomiks You ever fuck a mutant Tall guy, weird clothes.

First you see him, then you don't. The best mindfuck ever! But with Prince instead of Bowie. Sharif Laffrey has been playing records and making music for 20 long hard years. He toured Asia with Juan Atkins and once had to chase a grown man through the streets at night, who had crawled into his living room through an open window. An active member in Detroit's early rave scene, Sharif remembers booking all foreign gigs with something he calls a fax machine.

Two edits bound to induce air raid sirens and international sanctions from Isfahan to Tel Aviv, A-side Beyond Katovl channels peak time Hi-NRG tension and proto-trance euphoria to send early-morning chills down the spines of unwitting ravers and U. B-side Ms. Supported by camel herders and snake charmers from here to Ahvaz. The title track is a raw an haunting drum heavy number. On the flip comes Calo' with its twisting riffs that wind and turn alongside percussive interludes.

Yamo' changes the pace but is no less impressive with climactic flutes and a driving bass line. El Fuego completes the release as a digital exclusive. With this EP, the Zombies in Miami are literally on fire!

สงกรานต์ - ใจนักเลง (Ost. รักหมดแก้ว Love On The Rocks) [Official MV]

Bucharest's own Khidja have been an active part in the local nightclub scene over the past years. After first appearing as co-compilers of the Romanian Jazz LP for Sonar Kollektiv, it was finally a remix for Baris K on Emotional Especial in late which put the duo on the want list of many tasteful DJs around the world. The time was just perfect to appear with oriental soundscapes having been the most sought-after spice in dance music during that summer period. Two original EPs on Especial and Forgotten Corner popped up in spring and gave evidence that Khidja scheduled themselves to be around for the long term.

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Pursuing the transcendent motive from sunrise to sunset, it is far away from the arabesque melodies of their previous productions. Khidja speak their hearts to the sound of the Neo-New-Age generation - no beat, no stress, just a guitar, the beach and the sea. To accompany are three remixes to catch any imagination. Godfather of the MDMA-infected sound synthesis, Lauer needs no further introduction, epic as ever, the perfect take, moving the track from chill out to dance floor with uplifting grace.

Australian newcomer Fantastic Man is next, dropping the guitar for good and kicks in with a polyrhythmic tribal rhythm for a dance floor friendly mood. Closing the EP are the one and only Africaine , who bubble up the original with a cascade of reverbs and delays, embedded in a reduced yet complex dub beat, constantly raising desperate demands for that unattainable peak moment.

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Available on four track EP and digitally. Love On The Rocks returns to the floor, with their second EP in what will prove to be an exciting summer of releases. After a flying episode on the first LOTR release, 'Baboon' pushes us back to earth, to the filthy grounds of the muggy woodlands of the southern hemisphere. The jungle motif that leads the track from the beginning slowly fades into a mild breeze of a distinct guitar theme before shaman voices call the ghosts of his ancestors and completes the patina on this heavy Malaria infected summer jam.

Portuguese musician and demanded producer Tiago uses the jungle setting to create a classic special agent disco movie scene in the exotic wild of the mid seventies, erotic adventures included. Finally, calming down from an after party in some sleazy hotel room, the Bad Passion team offer their own take - a Dub that detaches the bass guitar from the original offering the appropriate space to grow and delay.

Now brush off your shoulders and start a fire - it's cool out there in the desert at night. Romie Singh add artist to watchlist Cry Freedom. A1: Cry Freedom. House Nu Disco.

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