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According to NASA , the moon will appear opposite the sun at p. Eastern on Sunday night tonight, at which time it will be brightest. Other sources say the start time is p.

You can also use a weather app, like Dark Sky, which will tell you what time the sun is setting in your region. Getty A partial lunar eclipse is seen in this photo.

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The brightest planet you can see tonight is Jupiter in the southwest at about 19 degrees above the horizon. Saturn can be seen about 28 degrees above the horizon. The Summer Triangle will be directly overhead, and the star Vega will be west-northwest at 76 degrees above the horizon. Deneb will be 79 degrees above the horizon to the northeast, and Altair will be 60 degrees above the horizon to the south.

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  6. Unlike the burning heart of the solar system, the Moon does not glow with any light of its own and instead reflects different amounts of sunlight each night. Each name would reflect a specific change in the landscape or signal the time or hunting or gathering actives. The Pink Moon in April, for instance, is named after a type of pink wildflower that appears around the time of Spring.

    1. The Hunter’s Moon Is the Traditional Name for the October Full Moon

    Similarly, the Strawberry Moon in May signalled wild strawberries would soon be ripe and ready to gather. A Cold Moon in December, following the naming convention, was named after the chilling wintry weather setting in. Tonight October 10 the Moon is still in its Waxing Gibbous phase.