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Sex Offender On The Run

What Are You Looking For? Everywhere , Peeke said. Physical activity makes women more sensitive to touch and men report better orgasms and greater levels of satisfaction. And, of course, being in shape means better stamina. Whether these effects are immediate or not depends on the length of the run.

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While a long run might make a nap seem more appealing, a run of an hour or less may prompt an immediate libido boost, Levitt said. The Brooks survey respondents seem to agree, choosing six miles as the sweet spot. Kerner suggests combining the two. Testosterone drops, cortisol peaks, and women can stop menstruating, all of which destroy the libido.


So how do elites do it? While plus-mile weeks would certainly qualify as libido crushing for most, elite runners have adapted to them and are careful not to step into overtraining territory by constantly emphasizing sleep and rest. One study even suggested that faster runners might have better sex lives, because our ancestors that chased down food more successfully would be rewarded with better reproductive success.

The study found that both males and females with faster half marathon times had ring fingers that were longer than their index fingers , a ratio that has previously been linked to more testosterone exposure in the womb and higher sex drives. Still, professional runners have a lot riding on their athletic performance, and stress can kill sexual performance.

Recreational athletes can also put too much pressure on themselves or take on too much.

Peeke warns that too many back-to-back marathons or ultramarathons can lead to toxic levels of cortisol, which will kill sex interest. If exercise habits do seem to be getting in the way of enjoying a healthy sex life, Kerner suggests taking a day or two off from running and spending the extra time reconnecting with a partner. And the night before a race, sex might help dissolve some of the pressure.

Sex attack suspect on the run from police

Still, 35 percent of the survey respondents think it improves performance, possibly because they feel it relieves some nervous tension.