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That you have the owners, a complex year job can physically cost you to take the house vanishing in basically executive to some wrong 30 attractions, irrespective enhancing a leader indexing or skills download. Rated 4. The Faithlife Study Bible makes daily devotions more convenient than ever before. Through this one free app, you can read Scripture, access helpful study notes and multimedia, and let the greatest theologians and Bible teachers in the world guide your study with add-on resources from Logos.

A modern English translation, three layers of study notes, rich multimedia, and powerful infographics bring the narrative of Scripture to life like never before. Recently redesigned for iOS 7 and Android 4. Best of all, you can customize your FSB app with commentaries, devotionals, and other study resources from Logos. It is through this craving that some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs.

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Money helps pay our bills, feed our families, and even fund our schooling. But does this mean we should put money-making on a pedestal above God? Nope, not even close.

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There is nothing wrong with having nice things, eating nice food, or even buying a nice house. The problem is when we begin finding our identity in the stuff money can buy us instead of finding our identity in Christ alone.

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This is where the evil comes in. Remember, all the money you have comes from God in the first place. What you do with that money says a lot about your character, your relationship with God, and where your priorities fall.

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This verse reminds us that the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. God has called us to be mature when it comes to our finances, and to not let our love for worldy things take over our love for him and his promises. The Faithlife Study Bible combines a modern English translation, three layers of detailed study notes, and rich multimedia to make Bible study better than ever.

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Download it free from your favorite app store. The thought of your life after having accomplished your goals ought to all but terrify you. Many resolutions are abandoned each year because they do not lead to a future exciting enough to inspire perseverance.

Imagine in vivid detail how keeping this resolution will change your life. How much more energy would you have if you lost the weight? What would you be able to do if you learned that language? What would your life be like if you accomplished that goal? Better still, write out that description in a list or an essay and use it to motivate yourself. Exciting resolutions are often also big, frightening resolutions. Chart the path that you know, and as you take your first steps, the rest of the course will become visible.

Spend less time preparing, less time waiting on the circumstances to be exactly right, and more time doing. A few years ago, my mom challenged me to run a half marathon with her.

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I knew I probably needed special shoes of some kind, and I would maybe have to alter my diet a little. I did that, and very quickly it became clear what I would need to do and not do. I learned everything that I would need to know about running from running, not reading about running. Take action, and let experience be your teacher. Experience can teach you many things, but collect wise council to fill in the gaps and save yourself some hard-learned lessons.

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There is safety in a multitude of counselors Proverbs A companion can help you to endure hardship that you would not have survived alone Ecclesiastes 4: It has been said that accountability is the antidote for human nature. Click to tweet When you feel like abandoning a well-forged resolution, an accountability partner points your attention back toward the exciting future that you imagined for yourself. Much more than just a confronter, an accountability partner can stoke the fire of hope when you abandon it. While it might feel cheesy or humbling to ask for accountability, it may be the only thing between another failed resolution and an accomplished one.

Christmas is over, but Vyrso. Inspirational Bible Study Bundle. This bundle is the second-largest collection offered during the 24 Days of Vyrso. Designed for both seekers and new believers, this bundle includes easy-to-understand explanations and applications of Bible passages, study questions, and a journal.

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But you need to act right now!