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The paths of successful people are shaped by that type of mindset.

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Both sunshine and rain fall on each of our lives, one building character and strength and the other bringing the beautiful rewards of perseverance through the storm. We are to focus on the promise of hope, and use the hurt as an experience that builds wisdom.

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Cultural success is defined by material wealth, prestige, and fame. Cultural success says you need to live a certain level of lifestyle, but doing so often means living beyond our means. There is no one that starts out their adult life with the wish: I sure hope I accumulate a mountain of debt and become saddled with stress and worry.

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Does our integrity remain intact? Here are some of the key traits that lead to a path of successful living. Good things happening to us, whether it be promotions, more money, or whatever it may be, are not the cause of how we can get off track.

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As the leader, the needs of the family always come first, and everything else is secondary. There is wisdom that says, The best way to avoid divorce lawyers is to stay married.

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  5. Securities offered through Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. Cambridge and Pathway Financial Services, Inc. To help our clients realize their financial goals, with compassion and integrity, as they travel their Pathway of Life.

    knowing the pathway of life: death is the way for God’s life to be released

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    The flame of love will remain lit and full in the presence of any hint of hope, illusion, fantasy or memory. Everything leads me to you, because my body vibrates when I imagine you and feel you so deeply within…. Envy eats away at anybody it can and burns everything to the ground. It kills every living thing and moves as fast as a tsunami.

    Envy is as destructive to ourselves as it is to others.